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Scott Allen Bunn

Author – Designer – Builder – Instructor


As a certified permaculture designer with over 25 years experience in residential construction, I enjoy helping people design and build in a way that regenerates land and communities.

In early 2010, I began living my life with intention. I wanted to grow more food, build sustainable housing, continue learning, and share what I know with others. I turned my personal home into an intentional community, learning center, and Airbnb. Now, I am dedicated to developing Treehouse Trade School, providing hands on training for social and environmental entrepreneurship.

My 2 main career goals are:
1. Develop Treehouse Trade School both as a brick and mortar location & online training
2. Develop 50 permaculture learning centers

I want to build permaculture learning centers around the United States because I see that we, as Americans are major consumers of world resources, and if we want to secure a safe and healthy planet for our children, we must be inspired to change our ways.

I founded an educational company, Treehouse Internatural Inc, to build learning centers and other community centered projects while teaching hands on training and small business development. Treehouse Internatural, is parent to the Seneca Treehouse Project, Amity Builders, and Treehouse Trade School. Thus far, I have taught construction, permaculture, and some small business workshops.

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